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An affiliate programme has been set up in order to promote our music.

Put simply, each affiliate partner is given an 'Affiliate ID'. If a buyer enters the Affiliate ID before clicking the 'Buy Now' PayPal button, then the affiliate will be credited with 25 percent of the final sale value. Providing that there is no funny business (e.g. the buyer cancels the payment) then this credit will be paid to the affiliate partner.

But why would a buyer bother to enter the Affiliate ID? Because if they enter a valid Affiliate ID, then they will also receive a bonus demo track for free. Everyone wins!

Note that to prevent abuse of this programme, the Affiliate ID can only be used once by each buyer and the affiliate partner will NOT be credited for any further purchases using their Affiliate ID.

By joining the affiliate programme, you agree to the terms and conditions found here:

Get in touch, if you want to join or have any further questions.

Once you are a member simply use the following text (make sure to add your Affiliate ID first!) on your website, blog, social networking pages, etc.:

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By entering REPLACE-WITH-YOUR-ID (in the text box above 'Buy Now') and purchasing an album, you will receive a free bonus track.